About Marsha

It's all about the music!!  Always the music!!  And the joy the music brings!!

The music of the Great Highland Bagpipe  evokes strong emotions, from celebration and joy to sorrow from the very depths of the human soul. The steady voice of the drones  and the singing of the chanter produce a sound like none other. From Amazing Grace to the great masterpieces of Piobaireachd, tunes both familiar and new move people in ways no other music can.

Marsha Bell Is a professional musician and music educator. The instrument she teaches is the bagpipe: the big pipes, and it's smaller relatives.  If you have always wanted to learn how to play, for whatever reason, no matter your previous musical experience or age, and are looking for an enjoyable and rewarding experience, you have reached the right place.

Join along, and find out just why this most amazing of all instruments opens so may opportunities for fun and friendship, and developing new skills that are invaluable beyond the playing of the bagpipe.